Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Law of Diffusion of Innovation and its Importance in Effective Teaching

Teaching is an art form, and in this day and age of standardize tests and students that don't feel they have a high stake in the game, inspiration in education is critical.  That is why I believe that one of the most important roles as a teacher, or leader in a school is to inspire students.  Students don't care what you know, until they know that you care.  Teachers are entrepreneurs that are manufacturing and selling education to students.  And there is a simple rule in marketing that says people will not buy what you do, they will buy why you do it.  In order to be an effective teacher you must build a relationship with students that will inspire them to follow your lead because they want to, not because they have to.

In my role as a leader at Legacy Academy, I utilize many resources from the marketing world to inspire teachers to become more effective in the classroom.  Marketers know more about what motivates humans than just about any other industry.  They study and apply research to motivate us to do all sorts of things that we probably would not do otherwise.

In this video, Simon Sinek describes the Law of Diffusion of Innovation.  This law applies to the classroom just as it applies to those that are trying to sell us things.  2.5% of your classroom will buy into anything that you are selling, they might even wait by the door of your classroom waiting to get in.  13.5% will be easy to win over once class starts, while another 34% will need to be inspired to join.  Winning over that 34% of your classroom is the most crucial part of an effective engaging lesson plan. If you can win them over, the remaining students will be won over by the impact of the enthusiasm of the other groups.  If however your efforts don't impact that 34%, you will never win the majority of the classroom over during your lesson.

Simon Sinek: Law of Diffusion of Innovation

[youtube_sc url="http://youtu.be/zU3fIEPfctQ"]

Several times this year, we took time as a staff to look at our classroom instruction to find ways we can be more inspiring.  It starts with teachers believing in what they do.  This seems like a simple concept, but we are at a time in education where so many outsiders are throwing in opinions as to what good education looks like, often teachers are starting to believe that what they are doing isn't effective or important.  We focus on the concept that our goal at Legacy Academy is not to give students work to complete in hopes that they will learn, it is to get students inspired so they will want to work for themselves.  Simply put, believe in what you do, and believe in the students abilities to follow your beliefs.

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