Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teaching Logic to Kindergarten using Brain Burn

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When we think of technology standards we don't always think about logic.  Logic is an important skill however to students today.  From math instruction to just figuring out who is who in a written piece of text can often involve logical skills.  I always have recommended that schools start young when teaching logic to students. Teaching logic is not always an easy thing however.  This is one app that fills this roll.  While the app does not offer a huge depth of instruction, it is a great way to start teaching logic utilizing a game.  Maybe you just have a couple minutes of class-time to kill, or that advanced student has already completed all of their work and is needing a little extra something.  Burn Brain might just be an app that could come in valuable.

Why I like it:

It plays like a game.  There is no real trick here, except students are being asked to solve puzzles.  The key ingredient that Burn Brain has added is that 0 is an answer, and often problems are multiple steps.  This forces students to look at the problems with a more critical eye rather than just hurrying to a pre-determined answer.  There is no memorization here, only thinking.

How you could use it:

This could be utilized as a lesson.  Students could be taught the fundamentals of the game by the teacher, some examples could be done as a class, and then students could be challenged to work on this on their own.  It could also be utilized as extra practice, or something to add to the curriculum during rainy days where playgrounds are out of the question.

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