Monday, July 8, 2013

Teaching Typing to Early Kindergarten

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One of the standards for Kindergarten technology is to get students used to the keyboard. Before students can read, this is a challenge, but one that can also aid in your reading instruction. This is the first of many different applications that we will explore that seek to help young students gain familiarity with the keyboard.

The application in the video above is called ABC Keyboard and is available for free on the iTunes store.  This app is very basic and would be suited for pre-school or very early kindergarten students.  Parents could also utilize this app to expose students to letters.

Why I like it:

Simple to use, gets right to the point.

How you could use it:

This application would expose students to keyboarding skills while having them match up letters to the keys on the computer.  A few minutes on this and they would have the pre-requisite skills to utilize more powerful applications.

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