Monday, February 24, 2014

This Facebook Idea Belongs in Schools

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Most schools that I have visited struggle with social media, and its place in schools.  It is so easy for one thing to

go wrong and thousands of people to see it and react.  This is just not a risk that most schools are willing to take.  When analyzing the problem, we can probably identify lots of ways that social media can be negative in the classroom.  Will there ever be a time when students are respectful enough to use social media in a powerful way to change education?

Facebook moving into some new digs in New York.  All of the images of the amazing office space are really fun to look at, however one stood out from the others to me.  A blank wall that says "write something...".  Schools are full of blank walls and this might just be an amazing trick to teach students about social media.

By creating a wall in your school where students have the ability to write on the wall, you can teach the expectations of social media.  The wall is very similar to how social media actually works, with one exception.  The perceived privacy that students struggle with can be taught visually.  When somebody writes on this wall, they are exposing their thoughts to whomever walks by.  Write something negative on this wall, and the entire school can see.  Write something uplifting on this wall and you can brighten somebodies day.  Use this wall to educate and you have a large audience of willing learners.

Although it is just paper and gypsum, the reality is that students can visually see how their ideas impact the group.  Make the parallels to the real Facebook wall and students should be able to visually see how their comments on websites can impact the lives of anybody that walks by.

-Jason Cross-

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