Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adobe Voice - An Excellent Classroom Tool

Years ago, Microsoft had a product called Photo Story. It was a great application for the PC that would allow you to use your voice to tell stories in an easy and impactful way. The issue for schools was always getting lab time, and creating content that could be included. Adobe Voice creates this experience only using a device that allows for more creativity. Rather than taking images from digital cameras, moving them to USB drives and trying to edit them on the computer, you can use this one app to make amazing presentations instantly.

The interface is clean and easy. Simply create a new story, give your story a title and an idea, choose a photo and narrate each image as you go.  The result is a very quick and easy movie that explains your idea without any clutter or confusion.  The simplicity of this product makes it a real asset to classrooms everywhere.

I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful creations that students build in the coming months.  Be sure to email examples to me as I am always excited by creativity.

App Smashing:  If you are looking to app smash with Adobe Voice, be sure to utilize a platform like iTunes U to articulate your project goals, then something like Google Drive to collect the finished movies.  Google Drive offers sufficient enough storage to hold many movies for grading and presentation purposes.  They can even be shared easily once they have been uploaded.

Jason Cross

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