Friday, May 16, 2014

Fund your 3D Printing Program by Printing for Others

Money is tight for schools. 3D printing is something that many teachers want to incorporate into their lessons, but don't always have the funding to pull off.  Here is one idea that might help you get that 3D printer into your classroom.

3D Hubs is a website that uses the power of social networking to bring people that need access to 3D printers, but don't want/have a 3D printer themselves.  This creates an excellent opportunity for schools to either get students access to an offsite printer, or in the case of some schools, the ability to generate income from their printer to pay for the program.

This website allows you to register your 3D printer into their database. Once registered, other people will see that you have a printer, and they are able to submit prints to you electronically. The system allows the owner of the 3D printer to establish rules and pricing for each print job.

School teachers are excellent candidates for this type of work because often the printer might not otherwise be in use, and students love to see new items being printed off.  And if you can make a few bucks to pay for the printer, or even just the supplies to keep your students printing it is well worth the educators time to help facilitate the tool.  It also allows teachers to expose the entire community to this upcoming technology.

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