Monday, June 16, 2014

Bringing the Real World into your Digital Classroom Tools Part 1

While tablet computers in the classroom are wonderful tools, they still have not reached the level of intuitive use that we often feel as we interact with our analog world.  As an example, there are lots of pictures of the moon that we can look up using our web browser, but seeing it first hand through a telescope offers a different level of engagement.  In the classroom, we often need our analog world to interact with our digital devices.  In the coming days I will be sharing ideas that allow teachers to use real world objects to interact with their digital iPad classroom. 

Part 1:

This little device is a reflective attachment to your iPad’s camera.  This allows the camera to see objects that are aligned in front of the iPad.  With that added functionality, it is now simply up to software to allow students to interact with the iPad in a unique way, using real world objects.  In the classroom this could potentially open up the possibility of assessments based on real world application.  I could even see this used as a simple overhead projector in combination with an Apple TV.  While the Osmo is fairly new, allowing the digital tools to interact with the real world is the future and we will see more of this type of idea integrated into classrooms in the coming years.

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